Our Recent Acquisitions

We strive to provide our portfolio companies with the resources that enable them to reach their growth and success potential.

Since 1980, 3 Sigma has been a specialty provider of adhesive coated materials to converters and manufacturers around the world.   3 Sigma utilizes its deep application experience and expertise in the chemistry of adhesive technology to serve the automotive, food, consumer products, medical and marketing industries.   3 Sigma’s technologies can be found in coated materials used in applications such as press and seal consumer packaging, security labels, construction tapes, brake pads and many other highly engineered applications.

Stillwater Technologies, LLC (“Stillwater”) is a leading provider of precision-machined fabrications and weldments serving the Aerospace, Robotics, Telecom, Automotive, and other industrial industries. Stillwater combines in-house engineering, machining, fabrication, and welding capabilities to provide a best in class solution to their customers. From concept to delivery, or art to part, Stillwater is counted on by some of the world’s largest companies to meet the complex needs with the highest level of quality, every time.

Clinical Research Solutions (CRS) offers multi-therapeutic independent research facilities throughout Ohio and Tennessee. CRS specializes in Phase II - IV clinical research studies by providing high-quality clinical research services for the pharmaceutical, nutritional and medical device industries.